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Nick Cave: Augment

Experience the JOY++ of Augment by Nick Cave! See the buoyant, exuberant inflatable sculpture at the center of the work at The Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts in the South End. Open to all, the artwork fills the immense space with a cacophony of visual imagery. Join us and walk through, under, and amidst the floating sculpture and take in the whimsy, happiness, and sharp wit of Nick Cave.


August 9 to August 22 August 27 to September 3 September 12 & 13

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 10 AM to 6 PM

Fridays | 10 AM to 8 PM

Colorful, wild, witty, and fantastical, the one-of-a-kind sculpture at the heart of Augment is hand sewn by the artist from more than 1,000 inflatable lawn ornaments. Comprised of five different but cohesive assemblages, the sculpture is meant to move and change from moment to moment. With the use of suspension and fans, various pieces are inflating and deflating, creating the illusion of breath and a lively immersion experience for the audience. Calling on well-known cultural touchstones and images, the sculpture provides unexpected moments of recognition, nostalgia, and delight.


After the free exhibition of Augment at the Cyclorama wraps up in September, we’re taking our jubilation to the streets with Boston’s first-ever joy parade! Stepping off from the Boston Center for the Arts at 11 AM on Saturday, September 14, we’ll bridge the South End and Upham’s Corner neighborhoods with a three-mile procession full of color, art, and, of course, JOY!

The inflatables along with other artists, performers, and YOU will celebrate in the streets of Boston, relocating the sculpture and creating a joyful public spectacle.

The parade will feature a dynamic roster of local artists and performers as well as groups representing other local arts and culture organizations. We are specifically seeking diverse dancers, movement performers, musicians and marching bands, and arts organizations interested in making art accessible to all to join us. Think steel drum band, youth dancers, drag queens, and wheelchair performers!

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