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Inner City Circle : May 25th

Updated: Oct 20, 2019


Inner city circle - event

Inner City Circle is a multi-generational, multi-disciplinary exhibition that aims to forge a bridge between established, mid-career and emerging Boston artists. These communities are often close in proximity yet far from unified, due to disparities in resources and recognition.

Strand theater - the space

Strand Theatre is a restored vaudeville house located in Uphams Corner in Dorchester, Massachusetts. It is owned by the City of Boston and managed by the Funds for Neighborhoods, Inc.

The Strand was built in 1918 as a movie and vaudeville house. It opened on the evening of November 11, 1918, billed as Dorchester's million dollar movie palace, with a double feature

Afro carribean / DAP / Boston calling- our partners

Dorchester Ave

1486 Dorchester Ave

Dorchester Art Project provides a unique space for Boston based emerging artists, in the midst of the city’s largest and most dynamic neighborhood.

Caribbean Arts Gallery

155 Washington Street

Boston Answering

Rixy Fz: Episode 2, Guest host Episode 60

Skinny jeans & Chuck Taylors

Rixy Fz: Contemporary Artist, illustrator, Street Artist, Teacher


Jourdan Christopher: Episode 7, Guest host Episode 59

Shout out the uncle frank

Jourdan Christopher: Photographer, Storyteller, Creator of @strangersinboston


Sagie Vangelina: Episode 25


Sagie Vangelina: Street Artist, Painter, designer


Tyahra Angus: Episode 27, Guest host Episode 58

Grass Ocean

Tyahra Angus: Photographer, Artist, Creator of AfroCentered Media


Arielle Gray: Episode 32

Second time dropping out of college

Arielle Gray: Writer, Graphic Artist and Creative Director, Writer and arts engagement producer at WBUR.


Rob “problak” Gibbs”: Episode 35

Colorful Bandaid


Rocky Cotard: Episode 37

Black Enough

Rocky Cotard: Painter and digital illustrator


Gio “GoFive” Ortega: Episode 47

Posted up somewhere, painting

Gio “GoFive” Ortega: Painter, street Artist, Teacher at Madison High school


Wilton Tejeda: Episode 49

Wilton Tejeda: Multimedia Artist and Painter

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall, Marshall


Cedric Douglas: Episode 64

Black History Moves

Cedric Douglas: Street Artist, Designer, Activist and Educator, Creator of the UpTruck


Barrington Edwards: Episode 68

Neighborhood Nipsey, Rest easy

Barrington Edwards: Multimedia Illustrator, Artist and Teacher at Boston Arts Academy


Ayanna Warfield: Interdisciplinary Artist

Ekua Holmes: Collage artist,

Larry Pierce: Professional Artist, President of African Winters Gallery

Mfalme Kenyatta: Sculptor, Multimedia Artist and Gallery Manager of AfroCaribbean Museum

Paul Goodnight: Professional Artist and Mentor to young artists

Shea Justice: Artist, Designer, Teacher

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