2017 by Althea Bennett & Amber Torres

Photo by @trinitychasevisuals


​​[ Ceci n’est pas la realite ] [ This is not reality ]

Cities are where America has hidden its secrets.


It took me a while to realize that like hermit crabs, my immigrant family... islanders... descendants of the African Diaspora, inhabited the empty shells of what were once white homes...

It took me a while to notice the red lines…..

What happened after urban blight and white flight ?

Once the blocks were busted and the dust settled after the race riots?

De facto Segregation. Gentrification. Incarceration. Deportation. Globalization. Education (Or lack thereof)... Postmodernism. Consumerism. Sexism. Smartphones and the Internet… These are a few of the recurrent themes in my paintings, poetry and research.

I use digital media, non-traditional programming and creative place-making in galleries, museums, and non-profit organizations to ensure that the arts are accessible to a wider public--- especially low income communities of color that have been historically excluded from public discourse.

Through my spoken word, mixed-media illustrations, exhibitions and ethnography I tell the story of “The Hood” and its inhabitants.

The city is my subject, my canvas, my stage and my home.